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Living Acres Initiative receives a High Commendation at Agrow Awards 2016

November 23, 2016

Monarch butterfly resting on common milkweed

The Agrow Awards honor individuals and companies that have achieved high standards within the crop protection and agrochemical industry globally. At the 2016 Agrow Awards, BASF North America’s Living Acres initiative was recognized with a High Commendation in the Best Stewardship Programme category.

The Living Acres research initiative launched in 2015 with the goal to help restore the monarch butterfly population by encouraging farmers to establish milkweed habitats in non-cropland areas. Milkweed is essential to maintaining and increasing monarch populations since it serves as the location for mating, a place for monarchs to lay their eggs and a food source for larvae.

Over the past two years, Living Acres has called upon researchers around the country to find best practices for establishing milkweed refuges in over two dozen plots. BASF released its first round of research findings in March 2016, offering farmers best practices for establishing and maintaining milkweed plants in non-production areas.

Living Acres’ growing library of resources will aid farmers in the successful planting and maintenance of milkweed refuges on land not reserved for crops. These tools empower U.S. farmers to promote biodiversity and preserve the revered monarch butterfly species – all while protecting crop productivity.

Growers have always acted as stewards to the land they harvest. By proactively planting milkweed habitats, they are encouraging the growth of monarch butterflies that are essential to an overall healthy ecosystem. Growers will find that their participation in monarch population restoration is empowering, inspiring and energizing. They will see tangible results and will literally watch their efforts take flight.

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