Living Acres

Living Acres

Living Acres is a research initiative from BASF that focuses on providing best practices to farmers who want to increase biodiversity alongside modern agricultural operations.

The first biodiversity issue Living Acres is addressing is the recent decline in the monarch butterfly population. Due to a variety of factors, including overwintering habitat destruction, drought in key migration paths, and a reduction in milkweed habitat, this iconic insect species experienced record population lows in 2014. Living Acres research determined that farmers are uniquely positioned to help positively impact one of these factors – milkweed habitat for monarch butterfly reproduction.

Milkweed is the only plant that monarch butterfly larvae feed on, making it a critical part of the monarch life cycle. By planting milkweed refuges in non-cropland areas, such as ditches, roadsides, alleyways and border areas, farmers can help increase monarch butterfly populations.

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