From nozzle tech to tank-mixes: dicamba advancements continue

From Nozzle Tech

Research Triangle Park, NC, August 14, 2017

The herbicide landscape continues to change as growers receive additional options for nozzle and tank-mix partners with new dicamba products. One product available to growers is Engenia® herbicide from BASF.

Since registration, BASF has continued to help bring these additional options to growers using Engenia herbicide, the most flexible and advanced dicamba for dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton. Chad Asmus, Technical Marketing Manager, BASF, explains that continuous expansion translates to additional grower benefits.

“More nozzles and tank-mix partners mean added flexibility for Engenia herbicide customers,” says Asmus.

A full list of approved nozzles and tank-mixes are updated regularly at

With multiple nozzles from brands like TeeJet®, Wilger and Hypro® approved for use with Engenia herbicide, growers can choose the nozzle that best fits their needs. Why is it important to only use approved nozzles? The approved nozzles offer important drift reduction benefits. Manufacturers engineered the nozzles in such a way to produce larger droplets, mitigating physical drift potential while providing optimum coverage. This is essential, as driftable fines, or droplets less than 150 µm, are primarily responsible for physical spray drift.

Engenia herbicide can be mixed with products approved by the EPA and identified on More than 200 tank-mix partners are currently approved, including 16 glyphosate options. There are also many drift reduction agents (DRAs), adjuvants, herbicides and nutritionals approved and more continue to be added.

Having additional adjuvants, herbicides and other approved tank-mix partners gives growers even more room for customization. Adjuvants can amplify a product’s performance. Certain adjuvants, for example, can improve a herbicide’s ability to enter the weed, enhancing efficacy, and others can help reduce drift potential.

From a resistance management perspective, tank-mix approvals of other herbicides--including glyphosate--allow growers to follow important best practices. By tank-mixing Engenia herbicide with other approved herbicides, the number of sites of action employed to control a particular weed broadens. This multi-faceted approach keeps weeds guessing.

“Where the industry is today is just the beginning,” says Asmus. “Growers are always looking for more tools, and it’s important to stay abreast of these expansions as they become available.”

Educational resources are available to help growers learn how to properly and effectively apply Engenia herbicide using the latest approved technology. The On Target Application Academy (OTAA) has trained more than 15,000 growers, retailers and applicators to date, and BASF launched on online version of the training earlier this year. Visit and click on the “herbicides” tab to access the module.

BASF has more than 50 years of technical experience with dicamba, beginning with its discovery, and its evolution continues today with Engenia herbicide. Noting the advancements made even after registration, it goes to show that improvement never stops.

Always read and follow label directions.
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