In the field with Scott Kay

In The Field With Scott Kay

Research Triangle Park, NC, August 14, 2017

With an open ear and an open mind, Scott Kay, BASF Vice President of U.S. Crop, is traveling the country and meeting with growers on a more personal level. With recent concerns regarding dicamba drift, Kay took to the road to connect directly with growers and listen to their successes and challenges with application this season.

On one recent trip, Kay spent a day with growers and retailers in Iowa to get their perspective on resistant weeds. Nate Stewart is a fifth-generation farmer in Grundy County whose family has had farm lands in Iowa for more than a century. Yield-robbing broadleaf weeds such as Waterhemp, Lamb’s Quarter and Velvetleaf have all been encroaching on his corn and soybeans fields for years. But with hard work and adding Engenia herbicide to his weed management system, Stewart had a successful 2017.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “I haven’t had beans this clean in years.”

Kay heard a similar story from Crop Production Services retailer Doug Lutes, in Conrad, Iowa. Following training from BASF, Lutes has been selling Engenia herbicide to his customers, and teaching proper application techniques. In recent years, Lutes and his customers have noticed weeds becoming increasingly resistance to other herbicides. This resistance issue led one grower to use Engenia herbicide. The grower went through all the OTAA training, and additionally attended a meeting on the product.

“[The grower’s] weed control is as good as it’s been in years,” said Lutes. “I was pleasantly surprised.”

Stewart noted that following the label and application checklist and using the correct gallons per acre helps to ensure on-target application “Just be courteous if you’re using different chemistry,” he said.

To assist with proper application of Engenia herbicide this season, BASF provided more than 600,000 free nozzles to growers and applicatiors. Stewart said that having the correct spray nozzle at his fingertips made application easier and was a big time saver.

Ryan Forth, a grower from Ames, Iowa, also used Engenia herbicide this year. He received one of the nozzles for spraying the herbicide and his crops are flourishing.

“We sprayed right next to conventional soybeans, right to the row, and I did not have any drift onto the neighbor’s field at all,” he said.

After his tour around Iowa, it was clear to Kay that farmers’ success with Engenia herbicide was having a positive impact on their crops.

“It was a great experience to get to come back to my home state and talk to retailers and growers on the ground who are using new technologies to combat resistant weeds,” said Kay. “Their success with Engenia herbicide is just one example of how BASF is truly helping farmers grow smart.”

Always read and follow label directions.

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