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Herbicide Best Practices

Optimal weed control for growers

BASF provides growers with effective solutions, technical support and educational tools to help implement weed management programs based on herbicide best practices. As herbicide resistance continues to spread across the United States, these best practices are more important than ever.

Herbicide best practices include proactive weed resistance management and planning appropriately to help ensure effective, on-target applications.

Best herbicide-resistance toolbox in the business

With innovative solutions, technical support and educational tools, BASF is a grower’s No. 1 partner for managing weed resistance by providing more corn and soybean herbicide sites of action than any other crop protection company.

Combined with our proactive outreach to help growers use a comprehensive weed management program that incorporates chemical, cultural and mechanical strategies – BASF is a grower’s first stop for controlling weeds.

Application best practices can help combat resistance development as demonstrated by the resulting weed pressure from a sprayer skip in this corn field.

Education to advance growers’ success

BASF educates growers on application best practices to ensure ideal herbicide performance.

A-A-A educates growers on proactive application stewardship practices for products like Status® herbicide that focus on three items:

  • Air induction nozzles
  • Spray deposition Agents
  • Air speed at application.

A-C-T-T helps growers achieve optimal results with Kixor® herbicide technology by focusing on:

  • Adjuvant: Utilize a good quality MSO at 1% by volume
  • Coverage: Ensure thorough coverage of weeds
  • Tank-Mix: Partner with glyphosate
  • Timing: Follow label directions for weed size

Herbicide Best Practices Products:

Herbicide Best Practices Resources:

Always read and follow label directions.

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