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BASF's innovative products, solutions and tools help our customers continually improve sustainability in their operations– this year, next year and into the future.

As the world's largest chemical company, BASF recognizes that long-term business success requires acting with conscientious care toward the environment and society. Sustainability is at the core of BASF’s identity, and prioritizes economic growth, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Living Acres

In response to declining monarch butterfly populations, BASF created Living Acres, a biodiversity research initiative that leverages its research and development experience to identify best practices for cultivating milkweed habitats alongside high-production agriculture.

Monarch butterflies rely on milkweed as a safe place to lay eggs and continue reproduction cycles, but milkweed stand has dwindled in recent years. Living Acres research from 2015 found that if farmers invest time upfront to establish milkweed on their farms, milkweed should support itself year after year with minimal effort.

The first year of research, conducted at the BASF research farm in Holly Springs, North Carolina, focused on best practices for planting and maintaining milkweed. BASF, along with Dr. Harold Coble, professor emeritus, North Carolina State University, identified seven steps farmers can take to establish milkweed in non-crop areas of farms and encourage flourishing monarch populations: seed/root, pot, plant, spread, water, grow and mow.

The research found that creating milkweed refuges will take an upfront investment of time, but once milkweed is established, it should support itself year after year with minimal effort. BASF learned milkweed plants are most successful when established through a planting process using root sections. Though it is common to plant milkweed by seeding, only a small number of common milkweed seeds germinate. Planting milkweed root stock or buds results in the most successful establishment.

While some areas of an operation farm may better support milkweed stands than others, Living Acres focuses on non-cropland areas such as ditches, roadsides, alleyways and other border areas. In 2016, Living Acres research will expand to additional BASF research farms and select university partners to further discover best practices for establishing and maintaining milkweed on-farm.

Download a copy of a brochure about establishing monarch butterfly refuges in non-crop areas of a farm, written by Dr. Coble.

Living Acres is helping farms learn how to create monarch refuges on their farms. Through research and development, BASF is providing best practices for planting and maintaining milkweed for monarchs. Watch the Living Acres Overview video below to learn more.

From The Ground Up

The agricultural, pest management and turf and ornamental industries face tough challenges ahead. As demands on our customers grow, BASF stands ready to support them with solutions, innovations and tools, enabling farms to optimize sustainable yields, and empowering people to live healthier, more productive lives.

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Product and Application Stewardship

As new and advanced crop protection products and spray technologies come to market – and weed resistance continues to challenge growers across the country – it's simple to say that today’s weed management environment is becoming more complex. The On Target Application Academy from BASF is a one-of-a-kind education opportunity for growers who self-apply herbicides.

The On Target Application Academy educates growers on new application technologies and chemistries to help them achieve the most effective and sustainable weed control possible - as well as help mitigate spray drift. Growers walk away from the On Target Application Academy with a deeper understanding of new technologies to ensure on target applications, better train employees, maximize yields, protect input investments, and protect lifelong investments in their crops.

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