Helping customers succeed in their commitments to sustainability.

BASF’s innovative products, solutions and tools help our customers meet their responsibilities to continually improve sustainability – this year, next year and into the future.

We, too, recognize that long-term business success requires acting with conscientious care toward the environment and society.

We bring sustainability to life through our actions, which balance economic growth, environmental protection, and social responsibility. Sustainability is one of four BASF core business pillars that have supported our growth since 1865 into the world’s largest chemical company.

From the Ground Up

The agricultural, pest management and turf and ornamental industries face tough challenges ahead. As demands on our customers grow, BASF stands ready to support them with solutions, innovations and tools, enabling farms to optimize sustainable yields, and empowering people to live healthier, more productive lives.

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Living Acres

The recent decline of the monarch butterfly population has been closely linked with the reduction of milkweed habitats, which monarchs need to lay their eggs and continue their reproduction cycle. Utilizing 150 years of research and development experience, BASF is working to develop best practices for growing and cultivating milkweed in areas on farms and other land not being used for crop production.  

Living Acres is a biodiversity research initiative from BASF, focused on the creation and rehabilitation of monarch butterfly habitat alongside production agriculture. Biodiversity is an important part of any ecosystem, especially on farms. Establishing biodiversity allows farmers to support the ecosystem and protect the land for future generations. Living Acres will provide research-based guidance to help farmers successfully establish milkweed plants that can coexist with high-production acres.

BASF Innovation, Tools, and Metrics.

Eco-Efficiency Analysis

BASF believes sustainability is a journey toward continual improvement. In order for customers to manage and promote sustainability they need objective data and analysis.  

Developed in 1996 by BASF and independently certified, the Eco-Efficiency Analysis quantifiably and holistically measures the economic and environmental sustainability of products and processes, thereby giving users the means to evaluate, consider and adjust their inputs. >>Read more

Eco-Efficiency Analysis Case in Point: Headline® Fungicide on Corn

Learn how a planned approach towards their operation helped farmers get more out of their acres >> Read more

Stewardship, Training, and Resources

Our technical specialists provide stewardship, help train customers and applicators to handle products more responsibly and manage their resources more sustainably through online training modules, articles, presentations, in-person visits, mobile Web applications, like the BASF Turf Disease Tool, and support of business-efficiency tools, such as AgSync.

Supporting Customers’ Voices and Interests Through Participation and Membership

  • Field to Market: The Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture supports development of Field to Market Fieldprint Calculator 2.0 >>Read more
  • Founding member of The Sustainability Consortium, which works collaboratively to improve consumer product sustainability >>Read more
  • Operation S.A.F.E. (Self-Regulating Application and Flight Efficiency) fly-ins promote precise agricultural chemical applications >>Read more
  • BASF is a proud sponsor of the American Soybean Association Conservation Legacy Awards, recognizing the conservation achievements of the U.S. Soybean Farmers >>Read more

Innovative Products and Packaging

  • Headline® fungicide helps farmers become more sustainable by controlling diseases and providing Plant Health benefits >>Read more
  • Insignia® SC Intrinsic brand fungicide and Honor® Intrinsic brand fungicide are the first golf products labeled for disease control and plant health benefits >>Read more
  • Kixor® herbicide technology controls a broad spectrum of weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate, ALS inhibitor and triazine, that compete with crops while aiding conservation tillage >>Read more
  • Termidor® DRY termicide allows pest management professionals to accurately apply precise, low-dose treatments >>Read more
  • Corrugated cardboard packaging for certain fungicides in T&O replaces SKUs in plastic containers, reducing plastic use more than 150,000 pounds over the next two years.
  • Stackable one-way fiberboard and returnable ‘Big Box’ containers enable space savings of 50 percent, which reduces the environmental cost of shipping by 50 percent.

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