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Expanding Your Knowledge to Grow Your Business

The BASF Grow Smart University can help expand your knowledge outside of the fields and keep you informed throughout the entire season – from planning and planting to managing and harvesting. Having the flexibility to learn at your own convenience through videos, webinars, education modules, and more, the BASF Grow Smart University takes what you learn online and helps you apply it to your operation – making sure you get more, acre after acre, season after season.


health The Biology of Yield Formation

The Biology of Yield Formation

Megan Andriankaja, Ph.D., BASF Technical Marketing Manager, talks about the key biological factors that contribute to yield formation.

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herbicide Pre Herbicide

Pre Herbicide

As weeds become even more resistant to glyphosate, it's crucial to understand the importance and benefits of pre-emergant herbicides to help keep fields clean.

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soybeans Early Season Weed Competition

Early Season Weed Competition

Weed competition for sunlight, water, and nutrients can be detrimental to yield and stressful to the plant.

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