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  • Operation Weed Eradication. The end of weeds as we know them.

One weed is one too many. Herbicide resistance is spreading and becoming more costly, and there are growing seedbanks lurking in your soil.



Farmers experiencing glyphosate resistance



Farmers experiencing ALS resistance



Farmers experiencing PPO resistance

Grounded in Sound Agronomics

Sound Agronomics

Watch outs: variables that could cause setbacks

  • Over reliance on a single MOA
  • Poor weather
  • Lack of diligence on escapes
  • Herbicide resistance

We must lead with an on-farm weed eradication mindset to secure the future state of farming.

That’s why BASF is leading the charge in recruiting tough-minded growers and industry partners to defend acres in new ways and eliminate the yield-robbers altogether. This will take a balanced approach of cultural, chemical and mechanical practices.

Let the operation begin.

Problem Weeds across key row crops

Waterhemp – 41.3% of farmers are dealing with Waterhemp resistance. 50 million acres infested.

Marestail – 47.6 million acres infested.

Palmer Amaranth – 28.7% of farmers are dealing with Palmer Amaranth resistance. 45 million acres infested.

Ragweeds – 23.2 million acres infested.

Kochia – 16.8% of farmers are dealing with Kochia resistance. 19.6 million acres infested.

Season 2020 Focus

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BASF does not guarantee or warrant that its products and/or services will achieve on farm weed eradication as they are only a part of a holistic approach of cultural, mechanical, chemical and on farm diligence.